Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness meditation can gently approach overthinking and striving, and develop greater resilience to life’s challenges. 

A wealth of research has indicated its benefits in coping with long-term physical illness, as well as anxiety, stress, and depression. 

John Kabat Zinn ‘applied the basic principles of mindfulness in a medical setting… helping alleviate previously debilitating conditions such as chronic pain’ (The Science of Mindfulness, Mindful Magazine, 2020) ‘Mindfulness is positively associated with psychological health… training in mindfulness may bring about positive psychological effects.’  (Keng et al, 2011,  Effects of  Mindfulness on Psychological Health’ US National Library of Medicine).

Developing a  habit of taking a few minutes out of the day to meditate and adopting a more compassionate mindset may sound like an easy solution to combating stress, but developing new habits can seem like just another thing to fit into an already busy schedule. 

The Mindfulness  Meditation Support Group sessions are designed  for those completely new to Mindfulness or who may have already tried it but need some support in establishing  a new pattern of life as part of a  friendly and nurturing group. ‘mindfulness is the miracle by which we  master and restore ourselves’ Jon Kabat Zinn (1976) 

“Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for Depression was first developed to help people at risk for depression learn lifelong skills to stay well. At least ten randomised controlled trials have demonstrated that it provides an acceptable and cost-effective approach to preventing depressive relapse over 60 weeks of follow-up.  In a subset of these studies, MBCT provides an alternative to long-term antidepressant use. 

The UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has recommended MBCT since 2004 and in 2017 NHS “   

(University of Oxford Mindfulness Research Centre)

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