Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Appointments will I Need?

It depends how long you have had a condition, but around a month for each year a problem has existed.

How long will my appointment last?

First appointments take 1-2 hours, follow ups take around 45 minutes and acute appointments take 20 minutes.

Why does the first appointment last so long?

A treatment plan needs to trace a full medical and psychological history: emotional and physical traumas, operations, medicines, family and personal physical complaints.

How does homeopathy work?

Just as a broken arm mends once aligned correctly; homeopathy aligns your body’s natural capacity to heal itself. Matching your symptoms to the known similar effects of a plant, animal or mineral substance prompts recovery.

Are there any side effects?

There are no damaging side effects from homeopathy, but you may experience a temporary aggravation, usually a return of old symptoms. It indicates the remedy is working and with some further advice on frequency will resolve.

How do I take my remedy?

You do not need to swallow the remedy like a tablet. You can just let it dissolve in your mouth. A fifteen-minute gap either side of your remedy helps your body to assimilate its energy unhindered.

Can I take my other medicines?

You can still take your medicines. If at any time your symptoms improve to such an extent that you would like to reduce medication, withdrawal will need to be under medical guidance.

Should I tell my doctor?

Diagnostic information is always useful, so I would encourage you to keep in touch with your doctor and share your progress and questions with him or her. My aim is to work in a cooperative and complementary capacity.

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